Saturday, May 3, 2008

"View from a Vista-Dome: Dazzle Cities" minstallation views

James Reeder has created an illusive, elusive, and genuinely magical world inside the confines of our tiny gallery, and it must be seen to be believed.

In other words: View from a Vista-Dome: Dazzle Cities is a MUST-SEE!

* My apologies to James Reeder (a gifted photographer) for these 'hack' images. I took the photos tonight and just had to post them. James did a marvelous job with his minstallation, and it must be shared!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Robert, you were asking about Vista-Domes, here is a link: Pre-highway system, train-travel was the ultimate way to view the vast panaramas north, east, west and south, and the vista-dome cars provided the best unobstructed views. my interest in them for this project is as a device for linking the colossal man-made with the natural sublime. many advertisements in national geographics from the 30s-50s feature full page campaigns for train travel by vista-dome car, and often there will also be an ad featuring a giant waterfall with dwarfed figures at the base alongside an ad for the most grand of hotels in NY.

thanks for posting the pics of the show!