Friday, February 26, 2010

Forum of 40 Champions


Gary Kachadourian's Forum of 40 Champions, our final exhibition, opens tonight, February 26, at 7P.M.

After two years and twelve shows, the Minstallation Gallery at the Creative Alliance is ending its run. Going out with a bang, we've brought in the big guns! Gary Kachadourian, well-known for his massive and creative curatorial projects, has asked forty artists to battle for supremacy in the tiny confines of the Minstallation Gallery.

Forty champions, each possessing a special power, have been invited to create a warrior to enter the Minstallation Gallery and face the special powers of their peers. Participants will create their warriors to occupy a 4 square inch hexagon of space, flying included, working with the size and shape parameters of Warhammer 40,000 and Dungeons and Dragons. Participants may use Warhammer stands and modify figurines from any of the gaming and fantasy products or may create their own using Sculpy or other materials. 20 sided dice and measuring sticks will be provided. Gaming rules and booklet will be developed during the course of the exhibition.

Participating Artists:
Seth Adelsberger
Christine Bailey
Kelley Bell
John Bohl
Dustin Carlson
T. W. Dixon
Lara Emerling
Michael Farley
Taylor Fischer
Dennis Garcia
Zak Greene
Sam Christian Holmes
Dina Kelberman
Lisa Krause
Stefani Levin
April Danielle Lewis
Andrew Liang
Sarah Magida
Sebastian Martorana
D. Neal McDonald
Jason Q. Monberg
Michael Moore
Lexie Mountain
Katrina Navarro
Hermonie Only
Audrey Lea Collins Petrich
David Purcell
Ric Royer
Chuck Sehman
Emily Slaughter
Nolen Strals
Antoinette Suiter
Virginia Warwick
Erin Womack
Karen Yasinsky
Andrew Yff
Ming-Yi Sung Zaleski

Friday, February 5, 2010

Jessie Lehson, "Barren"

Jessie Lehson's Barren is on view at the Minstallation Gallery from January 16 to February 13, 2010.
Whether it's a simple wall of sod bricks sprouting heirloom grasses in Patterson Park, or floor patterns of multi-hued soil, elegantly laid out like a Sol Lewitt painting, Jessie Lehson refocuses our attention on the earth beneath our feet. Barren draws a connection between the salted fields of medieval conflicts and the increasing salinity of overworked contemporary farmland. Lehson received her MFA from MICA's Rinehart School in 2008. She recently took 3rd place for the Trawick Prize and was a finalist for the Sondheim Prize in 2009.