Friday, June 20, 2008

Laura Amussen, "Lady Chapel" OPENS JUNE 21

Lady Chapel, a new minstallation by Baltimore sculptor Laura Amussen, opens Saturday June 21 with a reception from 4 - 7 PM. The piece will remain on view through August 16.

Peeking through the gothic windows of Amussen's minstallation, are images of Madonnas, Virgin Marys and other various women cut from old art text books. Amussen has displaced these women, literally cutting them from their roles as mothers, lovers, friends, and wives.
Now their gazes and bodies are redirected towards one another in a semi-erotic fashion. The title Lady Chapel references the eastern end of a gothic church which is usually square and dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Influenced by environmental concerns as well as the rapaciousness of globalization, Amussen's work has evolved to encompass aspects of landscape and architecture in order to create metaphors of psychological space. In an increasingly globalized culture, a growing sense of placelessness makes it more and more difficult for us to place our own identities. Amussen studies both geographical and psychological dislocation and its attendant complexities, as well as antidotes to the prevailing need to belong somewhere.
Learn more about the work of Laura Amussen at the artist's website.