Saturday, February 16, 2008


minstallation, noun
1. in art, a miniature installation.
2. an exciting new art form.

The Minstallation Gallery at the Creative Alliance is now open. The space is Baltimore's only exhibition venue dedicated to the miniature installation, or minstallation.
As described by Creative Alliance Artistic Director Jed Dodds:
Presented by artist/impresario R.L. Tillman, the newest addition to Baltimore’s cultural landscape has already staked its position as the region’s most vibrant miniature installation space. Emerging and established artists are encouraged to spread their wings in this intimate yet ambitious gallery, with 225 square inches of floor space and generous 14 inch ceilings.
Creative Alliance at the Patterson, home to the exciting new Minstallation Gallery, is located at 3134 Eastern Avenue.

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The Crypt Kicker 5 said...

mintallation is not a new form of art. people have been doing this in various forms for a long time perhaps you remember making Dioramas as a child this is only one example. dont try to re-brand an existing idea. how very corporate of you. next you'll be making small paintings inside the boxes and saying minipainstalations like no one every painted a small painting before. disgusting.